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Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers” the cornerstone of education, says FEDSAS in celebration of World Teachers’ Day

This year’s celebration of World Teachers’ Day has “Teaching in freedom, empowering teachers” as theme, with the focus on the institutional autonomy and academic freedom of teachers. The United Nations celebrates the day internationally on 5 October but in South Africa this date falls in the school holiday. To ensure that teachers get the acknowledgement they deserve, the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS) celebrates World Teachers’ Day in South Africa on the first Friday of the fourth term. This year the date is 13 October. “Free and accesible education is the cornerstone of a successfull...

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The woman giving birth. The cancer patient. The man undergoing open heart surgery. The Easter weekend road accident victim.   All of these people – and those who love them – rely on one thing: blood donations. Their lives, their futures, are at stake. But South Africa’s blood stock is currently desperately low, and all of them are at risk.   “Our national blood supply is currently at just 1.6 days’ Group O stock, amounting to just over 1 500 units of O blood available around the country,” says Silungile Mlambo, national marketing manager for the South African National...

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Gedagte vir die week | Thought of the week

Volmaakte liefde verdryf vrees

Waar liefde is, is daar geen vrees nie, maar volmaakte liefde verdryf vrees… 1 Johannes 4:18

Ons kyk na nog ‘n manier waarop God moeilike situasies in ons lewens gebruik om ons geestelik meer vrugbaar te maak. Wat ookal met ons gebeur, selfs al bevat dit ‘n bose element, in iets positiefs verander kan word as ons saam met die Almagtige werk en Hom liefhet. Dit is nie soseer wat met ons gebeur wat belangrik is nie, maar hoe ons dit sien. Ons innerlike houding bepaal die eindresultaat. God se vermoë om ‘n moeilike situasie tot ons voordeel te laat
werk, word net beperk deur ons vermoë om Hom lief te hê en saam met Hom te werk. As ons Hom liefhet, sal ons Hom vertrou, as ons Hom vertrou, dan kan ons verseker wees dat niks wat met ons gebeur, teen ons kan werk nie.

Selwyn Hughes

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